Student Publications

The Student Publications collection is currently being digitized and will be launched in 2017. Titles include: The Paintbox (1926-1930), Behind the Palette (1935, ’36, ’39, ’40, ’46, ’47), Toucan (1957), X: Student Newsletter (1978-1980), WOO (1980-1981), The Paper (1981-1983), [Untitled], (1982-1983), HankyPanky (1985[?]), T’Art (1987), Planet of the Arts (1986-1998), Influx (1998-2001), Some (2001-2002), and WOO (2003-present)

The Student Publications collection at the Emily Carr University Library records the university’s history through the perspective of its student community. Their pages are a window of a time glimpsed not only through the explicit reading of text and images but also through the format of display, the layout of the content, and the omissions or highlights of each volume; all of which allow the reader of the archives to glimpse the evolution of the student community from the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts to the Vancouver School of Art to what is now Emily Carr University.

Behind the Palette, 1935-1947
Influx, 1998-2001
Paint Box, 1926-1930
Paper, 1981-1983
Planet of the Arts, 1986–1998
Some Magazine, 2001-2002
T'Art, 1987
Toucan, 1957
Woo, 1980-1981
Woo, 2003-2014
X Student Newsletter, 1978-1980