Grad Thesis Submission Process

submit thesis Upload support documents

All Submissions Must Include Signed Submission Forms

  • Upload a PDF version of your thesis following the formatting guidelines in the Handbook
    • Log in to the repository using the 'Login' link on the top right corner. Use credentials provided by the Grad Studies office.
    • Go to 'Submit Thesis'
    • Choose 'ECUAD Grad Thesis Submission'
    • Fill out the form using the metadata entry instructions below
    • Click 'Submit'
    • Add your PDF document: upload the document, select the document version (published), select 'Contact Author', certify that you have the right to upload this version

  1. Title *mandatory field
    • Title of the thesis
  2. Author(s) and advisor(s):
    • Enter your name, role (Author), department (Faculty of Graduate Studies), Identifier (ORCID, if applicable)
    • Click add
    • Enter your thesis advisor(s) name (faculty member), role (thesis advisor), Department (faculty the person is affiliated with)

  3. Degree Granter
    • Leave as 'Emily Carr University of Art and Design'
  4. Origin Information
    • Date Issued: YYYY format *mandatory field
    • Degree Granter: EmilyCarr University of Art and Design
  5. Primary Language
    • i.e. English
  6. Physical Description
    • Extent: [ ] p.
  7. Abstract
    • Copy and paste your abstract
    • Note that all formatting will be lost - there will be no paragraphs, italicized text, etc.
  8. Degree
    • Name: Choose from 'Master of Fine Arts, Low Residency'; 'Master of Design' ; 'Master of Fine Arts'
    • Discipline: Choose from 'Art' ; 'Design' ; 'Media'
    • Degree Grantor: Emily Carr University of Art and Design
  9. Author supplied keywords
    • Keywords that you supply to describe what your thesis is about. Click the plus button to add more.
  10. License Submission *mandatory field

Supporting documents may include, in PDF format:

  • Copyright permission forms
  • Thesis Approval for submission
    1. Log in to the repository using the 'Login' link on the top right corner. Use your ECU credentials.
    2. Go to 'Upload support docs'
    3. Select 'Islandora PDF content model'
    4. Select the form: 'Submission Support Material (PDF)'
    5. Fill out all fields using the instructions in the form
    6. Click 'Submit'
    7. Add your PDF document and ingest

    This is a visual documentation of the work that you produced as part of your thesis project. These images may duplicate those in your thesis paper or they may be additional images, including but not limited to, installation and process documentation, or images of related works not included in the thesis document. To submit supporting files that are video or audio, contact the eCollections administrator

  • Maximum of 10 images
  • Do not submit images by other authors, regardless of whether they are included in your thesis support paper
  • High resolution .TIFF or .JPG2 (jpeg 2000) – approx. 10MB per image
  • File naming convention: 01_LastName_FirstName.TIFF
  • Fill out information about the work by following the instructions on the form. Be prepared with the title, date, materials, and dimensions (L x W x H). Can be 'dimensions variable' for installations
  • Put images in the order you wish them to appear
    1. Log in to the repository using the 'Login' link on the top right corner. Use your ECU credentials.
    2. Go to 'Upload Images'
    3. Choose 'Islandora Large Image Content Model'
    4. Select 'Submission Images (TIFF, JPEG2000)' form
    5. Fill out the form
    6. Click 'Next'
    7. Upload your image file
    8. Ingest

    Institutional Repository Non-Exclusive License for Graduate Thesis

  • Download form and use Adobe Acrobat to fill out, e-sign, and submit form.
  • Permission to Use Copyrighted Material in a Thesis

  • Download form and use Adobe Acrobat to fill out all applicable fields before sending to the copyright holder. Ask the copyright holder to use Adobe Acrobat to fill out the bottom section, e-sign, and send it back to you. This form gets uploaded using the 'Upload Support Docs' button above.
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

    Your thesis may be assigned a DOI. The DOI is an internationally standardized persistent identifier that makes your research easier to find and cite, and allows for statistics to be gathered for the number of times your research is cited and share on social media. Learn more about DOIs here.

    ORCID Identifier

    Do you have an ORCID identifier? The library recommends that you register for one that you use throughout your scholarly career. From the ORCID website: "ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized." Learn more and register here.

    eCollections Administrator

    Hillary Webb
    [email protected]