How to Submit Scholarly Research + Creation

Graduate Thesis Self-Submission Instructions

This information is for faculty, staff and administrators at Emily Carr University who wish to submit research, or sponsor undergraduate student research.

All Submissions Must Include a Signed Non-Exclusive Distribution License

Non-Exclusive Distribution License

Download the Institutional Repository Non-Exclusive Distribution License

Consent for ECU Library to Retain Work – Institutional Repository Non-exclusive Distribution License
This enables the ECU Library to license (obtain permission) from faculty and staff to upload their submitted materials and publish these electronically on the Internet via the Institutional Repository (IR) and to also convert submitted material to alternate formats for purposes of security, back-up and preservation.

For electronic submission: Use Adobe Acrobat. Download the form, complete, e-sign, and submit. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC can be downloaded for free. The form can also be submitted manually to the eCollections administrator.

To submit multiple objects at one time, please contact the eCollections administrator for assistance.

Submitting your work

Please read the submission guidelines to ensure that the work you want to submit falls within the collection policy. 
Currently self-submission is for PDF documents only. For other formats, please contact the eCollections administrator. Submissions may also include citations only. When self-submitting work, or contacting the administrator to upload your work for you, please be prepared with the following information:
(All fields marked with * are mandatory)

  1. Title of work *
  2. Author(s) *
  3. Publisher (including self-published)
  4. Place of Publication
  5. Date item was created (year) *
  6. Author supplied keywords *
  7. Abstract 
  8. Names of editors
  9. Funder (if applicable)
  10. Translator (if applicable)
  11. URL (if applicable)
  12. Identifiers, including: ISBN or ISSN (if in a book or journal), DOI
  13. Information about the host or parent publication, i.e. book title for book chapters, or journal for articles.
  14. Copyright information
  15. Creative Commons License  
  16. Attach file to be uploaded

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for your submission

Does your research submission have an existing DOI? Please include it in the submission information. If your research submission does not have a DOI, the system will automatically create one for it. The DOI is an internationally standardized persistent identifier that makes your research easier to find and cite, and allows for statistics to be gathered for the number of times your research is cited and share on social media. Learn more about DOIs here.

Setting up a researcher profile (for ECU faculty, staff and administrators only)

If you are submitting scholarly research to the repository, you also need a researcher profile. Please send the following information to the eCollections administrator to set up your profile.
(All fields marked with * are mandatory)

  1. Name *
  2. Credentials
  3. Department *
  4. Institutional Email *
  5. Start date at ECU
  6. End date at ECU (if applicable)
  7. URL (personal website, etc.)
  8. Biography (up to 150 words) *
  9. Research interests (point form) *
  10. Photograph (will be cropped to square format. File must be .jpeg or .tiff) *

ORCID Identifier

Do you have an ORCID identifier? The library recommends that you register for one that you use throughout your scholarly career. From the ORCID website: "ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized." Learn more and register here.

Sponsoring Student Research

ECU students can be eligible contributors to eCollections at Emily Carr, with faculty sponsorship. Student works must be approved by a sponsoring faculty member, department, administrator, or officer of a duly-formed student research group, prior to submission. The content being sponsored must be scholarly, educational, or research-oriented, or of cultural or historical value to the ECU community. In the case of student works, the sponsoring faculty member, department, administrator, or officer of a duly-formed student research group is responsible for verifying the quality of submissions.

To sponsor student research, send the eCollections administrator an email with the following information: student name(s), the title of the project, and a brief explanation of why you are sponsoring it, including how it fulfills the submission policy that the work is scholarly, educational, or research-oriented, or of cultural or historical value to the ECU community.

Student work needs to be accompanied by a non-exclusive distribution license, signed by the student.

Submit research

eCollections Administrator

Hillary Webb
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