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Beaux Arts Ball, under the sea, circa 1958.
Students outside Hamilton campus, 1963
Two men drink tea during an open house for the new VSA building Hamilton campus, 1963.
Painting, date unknown.
Painting, date unknown.
Work by Grace Ts, "Portrait", grad show 1993.
Costumes from Beaux Arts Ball, when we were?, 1955.
Revelers at Beaux Arts Ball, date unknown.
Donald Steward: Descent from the cross, date unknown.
VSB drawings, E series, Jan 14, 1955.
Beaux Arts Ball, night of the golden crocodile, 1959.
Ceramics, date unknown.
Detail view of interior stairwell railing, North Building, Granville Island campus, circa 1980s.
Donald Campbell lectures on anatomy of human skull, date unknown.
Three mounted reproductions of sketches, original photos ECUPF-08-038, ECUPF-08-041, and ECUPF-08-046.
Name illegible. Sculpture, date unknown.
VSB sculpture, G series, 1958.
Ceramics, date unknown.
Singer at Beaux Arts Ball, fiesta of the insects, March 12 1949.
Ceramics, 1956.